The 10 Best "VCRunTime140.dll Is Missing" Error Fixer Software for Windows 10

It can be frustrating to get the message that your VCRunTime140 DLL file is missing, even if you do not know what this means. When using more than one file, the DLL has the data and code that allows this to happen effectively. It is a problem when programs refuse to start. The initial remedy would be to reinstall the program, but there is another way. Programs are available that will resolve this for you, and it is possible to get some that you have to pay for. Other programs are free. It makes sense to carry out a little research as there are quite a few to choose from.

Top 10 'VCRunTime140.dll is Missing' Error Fixer Software for Windows 10
download the missing dll files with dll helper

1. DLL Helper

DLL Helper is renowned as a safe option for rectifying the loss of missing files. If not the best, DLL Helper is up there with them.


● It is one of the easier ones to install
● There is a thorough check of the DLL files before installation goes ahead
● There is no need to worry that any missing files will land in the incorrect folder.
● The search box allows you to request that the specific file mentioned in the error message
● When missing files unpack, their registration begins

2. CCleaner

The CCleaner is another cleaner praised as doing a good job. You can retrieve problematic DLLs by selecting the Missing Shared DLLs on the registry tab.


● The issues causing the problems are easy to fix. All you should do is click on the button labeled Fix Selected Issues
● Scanning takes place at a quick speed, saving your time
● You can check the computer's health
● You can clear the junk browser.

use ccleaner to fix 'vcruntime140.dll was not found' error
advanced system optimizer

3. Advanced System Optimizer

Regardless of the reason for the error, this system will restore your files. It will help users keep the CPU usage to a minimum. The suppliers of the Advanced System Optimizer include a game optimizer too.


● It is easy to remove privacy traces
● The top function of the Advanced System Optimizer is that of the PC optimization suite
● You can repair errors due to invalid registry entries
● Users of this program can schedule scans

4. Smart DLL Missing Fixer

The Smart DLL Missing Fixer is the one to go for when you need to locate the missing files. Not only does it find these files. It also restores these files to the location from where they went missing. The Smart DLL Missing Fixer entails a massive database of DLL files. These simplify the process of finding your missing files.


● Easy to use system that will be usable even by a novice
● With the Smart DLL Mixing Fixer, you can locate and place files in the correct position
● Alters the way that it works depending upon the DLL files it needs to locate

smart dll missing fixer
dll care help you repair the damage dll files

5. DLL Care

This system leaves you with very little to do. DLL Care can locate missing files automatically. Once it finds these files, it will check if some are corrupt. It will then return these to normal. It can also locate and restore all the DLL files that are difficult to find. 


● The interface is easy to use as nothing is complicated
● Can be a registry cleaner
● Works to help boost the PC
● The search bar allows for individual files to be requested and located

6. Glarysoft Registry Repair

This repairer has become well respected, and partly this is due to its area of expertise. Invalid registry entries can lead to a variety of problems. If you are facing them, choose Glaysoft Registry Repair. It is the best equipment you need to rectify these. Ensure that you back up the registry before anything else. However, if you have not done it, choose Glaysoft Registry Repair to solve your problem.


● Scans happen automatically. Also, the resolution of problems happens automatically
● There is a system backup that happens before making the changes
● The software will patch all the corrupted or incompatible DLL entries

automatically scan your dll files error website


Unlike other fixers, does not make the fix. It is a website that will do it. The software will still help you find the lost file, making it convenient. Once you see the error message, note the file and use the search box on the website to find it.


● You can alphabetically locate the corrupted or lost files
● With millions of downloads, a month is must be an effective and well-trusted tool
● There is an explanation of the purpose of the file. It ensures that the system has recovered the correct file

8. SpeedyPC Pro

SpeedyPC Pro may be better than most free DLL fixers. It consists of a built-in DLL database and takes the chance, when optimizing, to discover any DLL files missing from your system. After identifying them, the installation process takes place. Although SpeedyPC Pro is a free trial application, it will require payment at a later date.


● This system manages to find a wide range of problems
● You can boost the speed at which the computer works
● SpeedyPC Pro uses its database

 free dll fixer
use acleaner find the missing vcruntime140.dll file

9. ACleaner

ACleaner is another free-to-use utility tool. It does more than just fix or find problem DLL files. First, ACleaner will scan your computer for errors. At this stage, you can make the adjustments. It is easy to use as all you need to do is select the Shared DLL files.


● Easy to use
● It scans other types of files as well
● It will display the errors it finds

10. System File Checker

System File Checker is a system built into Windows. As scans take place, you can set them in motion to search for problems. Once running, they can detect damaged or lost files and allow a manual repair.


● SFC scan that fixes DLL files is easy to run
● The system is easy to understand and use
● It only takes a couple of minutes to complete

windows in-bulit dll fixer


Use of any of the above systems will prevent extended delays in using the computer. Installation is easy and quick. Once installed, you can then fix it fast. In most cases, a click of a button is all you need to do to start the process. With all the examples shown here should be one that will be suitable for you.